Thumbwheel rotary potentiometers, switches, encoders

Designed for HUD control

Highly reliable, rugged design

Sole supplier to F-16 and other major programmes

Proven in over 30 years’ service world-wide

Control potentiometers and encoders

Consolite has designed and developed a range of thumbwheel potentiometers, switches and rotary encoders specifically for illumination control on military avionics equipment.

Consolite is the sole supplier of the control potentiometers for the F-16 fighter head-up display, where they have proven their reliability in many years of trouble free service. Edge mounting of the units means a saving of panel space and ease of use in flying gloves. Rugged design means years of trouble free operation in the most demanding of environments.

We have been selected to supply similar units for Eurofighter Typhoon, F-5, F-22, T-50, C-17 and A400M.

Both switching and non switching versions are available in left or right hand configurations. Any resistance value can be supplied, in both linear and logarithmic models to customer specification.

We have further extended our range of HUD control thumbwheels by developing a family of digital encoders housed in the same package as our potentiometers. These combine the benefits of digital control technology with the ruggedness, proven reliability, convenience and ease of use of the existing potentiometer design.