Consolite Technology is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of night vision lighting technology, including:

The strengths of the company have also been recognised by US suppliers, including Korry and Lumitron, who have selected us to stock and sell their products in the UK.

Consolite is also a leading producer of advanced warship lighting systems, including:

Our latest development is the design and manufacture of military LiFi communication systems.

We have a full capability in design, development, manufacture and test of night vision lighting systems and other lighting equipment. We offer innovative design and rapid and flexible response to customer requirements. Consolite can also support its customers with assembly work and with rapid prototyping facilities.

Consolite is located in a modern, spacious facility in southern England with excellent transport links to London and regional airports. The company has full quality certification to the latest standard of ISO9001. A copy of the certificate is available for download.

Company History

Consolite Technology is well established in its field, having started in 1980 with the design and manufacture of cockpit lighting indicators for the UK Sea Harrier programme.

In 1984 Consolite introduced the thumbwheel potentiometer used on the F-16 HUD, and to this day is the sole supplier of this item. The design has been developed for the F-22 fighter and now a mechanical encoder for the Block 60 F-16 HUD and an optical encoder for the Eurofighter Typhoon have been added to the range. A set of variants for the C-17 programme is also produced.

In the mid-1980s Consolite developed a capability in the design and development of NVG compatible filters for cockpit lighting and so was an early leader in the field. The capability was later extended to full cockpit upgrades for many of the world’s major aircraft types.

More recently the company has achieved great success in the modification and supply of lighting on warships, including complete upgrades to major aircraft carriers and complete lighting systems for new build warships.