NVG compatible upgrades to cockpit instruments

Military and civil

Full NVIS compliance with MIL-STD-3009, RTCA/DO-275

Tested and certified for compliance

Support for Supplemental Type Certification (STC)

Consolite maintains an extensive stock of NVG compatible filter materials to suit all types of light source. In combination with our extensive workshop facility this means that we are very well placed to effect rapid upgrades to all types of illuminated equipment – airborne, naval or ground based.

Consolite’s experience encompasses all forms of instrument illumination, internally or externally lit, floodlights, displays, indicator lights, knobs, switches and illuminated panels.

Testing can be performed in our well equipped dark room facility to guarantee that lighting modifications conform to the appropriate specifications and standards.

In the case of civil aircraft equipment Consolite has long experience of working with system integrators and regulatory authorities to assist with attaining Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for modifications.

Consolite has great experience of modifying a very wide range of general aviation instruments, and can offer proven upgrades for all the following. Please enquire about others.

Allied Signal KMC-321 Autopilot
Avidyne EX600 MF Display
Bendix King KFS 598A Control/display for KTR908 VHF comms transceiver
Bendix King KFS 564A Control/display for KNR 634 Nav receiver
Bendix King KN 63 Remote DME
Bendix King KI 229 RMI
Bendix King KMA 24H Audio/Intercom
Bendix King KR 21 Marker Beacon Receiver
Bendix King KI 204 VOR/LOC/Glidescope Indicator
Bendix King KI 206 VOR/LOC/Glidescope Indicator
Bendix King KN 53 Glidescope Receiver
Bendix King KDI 572 DME Master Display
Bendix King KNI 582 RMI
Bendix King KT 70 Mode S Transponder
Bendix King KMD 540 MF Display
Bendix King KDI 573 DME
Bendix King CDI-206/207 CDI
Bendix King KMD 850 MF Display
Bendix King KDI 574 Display
Bendix King PS 578 Control Head
Bendix King KT 73 Transponder
Bendix King KI 825 Navigation Display
Bendix King PS 440 Control/Display unit
Bendix King KT 76C Transponder
Bendix King KN 62A DME
Bendix King KN 62A DME
Bendix King KFS 586A ADF
Bendix King KLN 900 GPS
Bendix King ED 551A Display
Bendix King KFS 579A TAC/NAV
Bendix King KA 35A Marker Beacon Light Assy
Bendix King IVA 81D TCAS Indicator
Bendix King CP 467 EFIS Controller
Davtron 1051-800-28V Clock
Garmin GTN 625 GPS
Garmin GPS 400W GPS
Garmin GMS 200 MF Display
Rockwell Collins MFD-255K MF Display
Rockwell Collins CTL-32 Navigation Control
Rockwell Collins IND-42 DME
Rockwell Collins ALI-55 Radio Altimeter
Rockwell Collins RMI-36 RMI
Sky Trac CDP-250 Display
United 5035P2-P42-P140H Encoding Altimeter