Wide range of NVG compatible assemblies

Certified MIL-STD-3009, RTCA/DO-275 compliant

Simple conversion of legacy cockpit equipment

Off the shelf or custom

Rapid design and prototyping

Selection of NVG compliant cockpit assemblies

Consolite offers a wide range of NVG compatible filter and light assemblies for NVG aircraft cockpits, including:

  • bezel mounted filters for cockpit displays
  • encapsulated panel mount LED indicator lights
  • filtered post lights and “eyebrow” assemblies
  • conversion kits for specific instruments
  • filtered replacement caps for illuminated knobs and switches
  • filter assemblies for undercarriage control knobs
  • central warning panel conversions with legends
  • cockpit floodlights

Assemblies comply with the relevant NVG lighting specifications, such as MIL-STD-3009 or RTCA/DO-275, for NVG compatibility, colour and sunlight readability. Many are available off the shelf but Consolite has a full design, prototyping and test capability and we are very happy to respond to any special customer requirements.

In addition we have a range of products and systems suited to ground and vehicle lighting including:

as well as a complete range of NVG warship lighting products.