Wide range of NVG compatible lamps and LEDs

Many ex-stock

Simple retrofit for existing light sources

Integrate into new designs

UK representative for Lumitron Aerospace Lighting Components

Consolite stocks a wide range of NVG compatible filament lamps and LEDs. These can be used as a straightforward and cost effective retrofit for existing units, making upgrading many instruments and indicators a very simple task.

They also make it easy to integrate NVG lighting into new product designs.

Filament lamps are available in all the standard sizes and voltages and come with an integrated, sealed and tested filter. This means that light leakage is not a problem, as is often the case when trying to filter existing filament lamps externally.

Similarly surface mount LEDs can be supplied with integral filtering making it a simple task to produce a fully compliant PCB for use in backlit panels, keypads, displays and other assemblies.

Filtered LED lamp replacements are also available for retrofit in place of filament lamps.

Consolite is the UK representative of Lumitron Aerospace Lighting Components who produce a huge range of lamps and LEDs, both conventional and NVG filtered. Details are available on their web site.