LED based, low power, high reliability

Compatible white illumination

Certified MIL-STD-3009, RTCA/DO-275 compliant

Low profile

Fully adjustable and dimmable

LED NVG cockpit flood light

The Cockpit Floodlight is suitable for use in any cockpit location, particularly to illuminate instruments when their internal lighting is switched off for NVG compatibility.

It is low profile, low power, bracket mounted, and fully adjustable for angle, making it simple to install in most locations, but especially under glare shields for main console illumination. An integral control knob permits full local dimming.

The white light output is fully compliant with MIL-STD-3009 and RTCA/DO-275, and means that, unlike green floodlights, full colour rendering of all flags and markers on cockpit instruments is achieved.

It is also suitable for more general illumination tasks in any aircraft interior location, as well as for warship and military vehicle applications.

Voltage: 28V DC

Current: 28mA

90.3 mm long x 23.9 mm deep


Consolite Technology Data Sheet CTL-202-001 LED Cockpit Floodlight NVG Compatible Issue 2