Design, Development and Test

  • Design, development and test of warship, aircraft and ground system lighting products
  • Design and supply of NVG compatible, friendly and covert filters
  • Supply of NVG filtered lamps and LEDs
  • Optimisation of NVG compatibility for any situation
  • NVG compatibility upgrades to instruments, lights, cockpits, and other systems
  • Aircraft cockpit NVG surveys
  • Warship lighting surveys and NVG modifications
  • Illumination modelling and simulation
  • Support for drafting of standards and specifications
  • Testing to verify and certify NVG compatibility
  • Photometric testing of NVG and normal lighting products
  • Dark room facility equipped with spectroradiometers and goniophotometer
  • Range of environmental test equipment


  • High quality electro-optical assembly
  • Assembly technicians qualified to IPC610 and 620
  • Prototype machining
  • 3D printing
  • Laser cutting
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