Consolite Technology is proud to introduce CODI – the Consolite Data via Infra-Red system.

LiFi is a rapidly developing technology with many advantages over WiFi, and Consolite is at the forefront of developing ruggedised military applications.

Typical system configuration

LiFi (Light Fidelity) is a method of transferring data using light, whereas WiFi transfers data using radio frequencies.

There are many benefits:

  • Security: The USB Key must be within the line of sight (light cone) of the transceiver.
  • Speed: The data from the Access Point (AP) is only used by those beneath the AP so it is not shared amongst multiple users.
  • Bandwidth: WiFi makes use of radio communications, of which the spectrum has become very crowded and is very often licensed. The LiFi spectrum is unlicensed and offers virtually unlimited bandwidth.
  • RF interference: LiFi doesn’t interfere with sensitive equipment in the way that WiFi can so it can be used in highly technical areas like machinery spaces and operations rooms.

LiFi is particularly well suited to use in the warship environment. Providing fast data rates throughout a ship allows connectivity in a way that hasn’t been experienced before. The crew can become connected in the same way that society is. Fast communications, video linking, geo-location, instant access to maintenance documents, on the job training through augmented reality and fast logging of maintenance activities are just some of the new realities of a connected warship.

Shipyard worker connectivity during refit can provide significant time savings – studies estimate at least 20% savings by providing data at the point of need. Imagine a 20% saving in labour during a refit period on an aircraft carrier. Designers and Project Managers could have access to maintenance documentation and e-mail whilst out of the office as well as a solid phone signal in the lower decks of the ship.

CODI is the Consolite Data via Infra-Red system. A typical system consists of three elements:

CODI Access Point

The Access Point (AP) provides secure and fast connection between the network and the LiFi transceivers.

CODI Transceiver

The Transceiver (TRX) provides two way data communication via infra-red to the end user with a CODI USB Key equipped device. The TRX is available packaged in a range of different formats.


The CODI USB Key uses a USB connection and fits to a range of devices to permit the user device to receive and transmit data

Consolite has worked with Naval Lighting for over 40 years on both Air and Ship platforms. Consolite specialises in advanced lighting design and test and has become the authority in lighting for Naval applications world-wide.

The Consolite Data via Infra-Red system (CODI) is the next generation of that expertise, taking lighting to a new level.

Consolite Technology is in partnership with Signify, providing the winning combination of Signify’s huge industrial investment with Consolite’s specialist military focus. As a team we are providing connectivity to Naval ship operations, revolutionising data use at sea.