Full dark room test facility

NVG compatibility

Light output, distribution, colour

Calibrated equipment traceable to national standards

Support for customer on site and field testing

Consolite has a fully equipped dark room for measurement of lighting equipment and installations. Lighting parameters that can be measured include NVG compatibility (NVIS Radiance, NVIS Radiant Intensity, Green-Red Ratio), luminous intensity and intensity distribution, luminance, illuminance (lux), and chromaticity (colour).

Consolite’s dark room equipment includes two spectroradiometers, one of them portable, tailored to the measurement of NVG compatibility and complying with the requirements of MIL-STD-3009 and other standards. In-house calibration is traceable to national standards. We also have a set of Gen III Omni IV NVGs, and a night vision monocular. This and other equipment is available for the test and certification of customers’ lighting products, as well as being used in support of Consolite’s own design and development activities.

For luminaire characterisation we have a sophisticated near field goniophotometer system. This can measure the detailed output intensity distribution of a luminaire and generate photometric files for use in illumination modelling.

We can also support customers in their hangar and flight testing of cockpit equipment upgrades.

Full details of Consolite’s dark room test facility are available on a Consolite datasheet.