Full range of NVG display filter materials in stock

NVIS compatible to MIL-STD-3009, RTCA/DO-275

All types of display – LCD, LED, EL, OLED, CRT

Tested and certified compliant

AR, ITO coated options

Fast turn round

There can be many different display technologies in use in aircraft cockpits and other locations requiring NVG compatibility. These may include full colour LCDs using either LED or CCFL backlighting, monochrome LED and electroluminescent displays, vacuum fluorescent displays, OLED displays, and even legacy CRTs. They also include hand-held devices such as iPads and other tablets.

In addition displays come in a huge range of sizes, they may use resistive or capacitive touchscreens, and may have special requirements such as EMC compliance, contrast enhancement, and anti-reflection.

There are two main routes to filtering displays – internal or external filtering – and these options are explored in more detail on the Display Upgrades pages.

We have filter types to meet all of these requirements and we maintain large stocks of suitable materials. These include polymeric and glass materials, as well as our unique hybrid NS Glass offering the benefits of both.

Polymeric materials offer the advantage that we can cut to shape very quickly from stock materials in house with our laser facility. They are available in a wide range of formulations, specially optimised for each display type. They can be supplied with anti-reflection coated or anti-glare (lightly textured) finishes, and come in a range of thicknesses.

Glass materials are generally more limited in maximum available size but offer better scratch resistance and are better suited to high performance AR and ITO coatings. We also design and supply interference coated glass filters.

NS Glass uses a unique sandwich construction with glass outer faces and polymer filter material inside. It means that special filters can be developed with optimised spectral transmission properties as well as the highest quality surface coatings.

For help with choosing the best filter type for your requirement check our Filter Selector tool or contact us.