Safer NVG operations for both aircrew and ship staff

Addresses all light sources visible to aviators

NVG upgrades to legacy lighting equipment

Provision of new dual mode NVG luminaires

Full compliance with Def Stan 02-587 Part 3

Over ten years’ experience world-wide

Consolite has unique experience of modifying warship lighting to be compatible with NVGs. Navies are increasingly recognising the need to convert aviation capable ships, meaning that ship lighting can remain on, for the safety of on-board personnel, and for compliance with regulations, without affecting the ability of aviators to operate safely on NVGs.

Typically all exterior lighting visible from aircraft on final approach has to be modified, and frequently some interior lighting too. Many of the light assemblies operate in extremely harsh environments, with high thermal and mechanical shock and constant exposure to salt atmosphere. Consolite has developed a full range of techniques and materials to cope with this and has successfully designed, developed and implemented full installations on a range of warships including aircraft carriers, frigates, destroyers, support ships and landing craft.

Light types addressed include flight deck floodlights, visual landing aids, deck centre line and edge lights, hangar lighting, signalling lights, instrument lights, fluorescent luminaires and navigation lights.

Under contract to UK MoD Consolite drafted the UK Defence Standard for warship NVG lighting, Def Stan 05-287 Part 3. This is fast becoming a default standard around the world.

Consolite is working with navies and shipbuilders world-wide on retrofit programmes and increasingly on new build vessels too.