Range of polymer NVG filter materials from stock

Suitable for iPads, tablets, hand-held displays, smart phones

Simple to fit, anti-glare finish

No impact on touch screen sensitivity

Fast turn round

Secure lighting options available

iPads and other hand-held tablets represent a special case of displays. They are invariably touch screen devices and so the filter must not reduce the sensitivity of the screen. The filter needs to be thin and light, and easy to affix to the surface.

Consolite stocks a range of material types optimised for these devices. The materials are thin and flexible, but robust enough for the rigours of use in the field. They are available with an anti-glare finish, which not only reduces reflections but also facilitates movement of the finger across the screen without excessive friction.

They can also be supplied with adhesive backing for application directly to the front of the display.

Low transmission options for secure lighting in ground applications are also available.

Consolite can also fit filters and certify NVG compatibility to recognised standards such as MIL-STD-3009 or RTCA/DO-275 through testing in our dark room facility if required.


CTL-R225 NVIS Class B iPad Filter Rev 2