Full range of NVG upgrade techniques available

Internal filtering

Overlay filtering

MIL-STD-3009 and RTCA/DO-275 compliant

Fast turn around with stock filters

There are many different display technologies in use in aircraft cockpits and other locations requiring NVG compatibility. These may include full colour LCDs using either LED or CCFL backlighting, monochrome LED displays, vacuum fluorescent displays, OLED displays, and even legacy CRTs. They also include hand-held devices such as iPads and other tablets.

In addition displays come in a huge range of sizes, they may use resistive or capacitive touchscreens, and may have special requirements such as EMC compliance, contrast enhancement, and anti-reflection.

We regularly upgrade customer displays to NVG compatibility using two main routes – internal or external (overlay) filtering. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

The main benefit of internal filtering is no impact on the external appearance of the display. Against that the display must be partially disassembled and it is not suitable for all display types.

External filtering can be used on any display, but requires a means of fixing the filter to the front of the display.

We stock a wide range of filter materials suitable for both types which, in combination with our in house assembly and test capabilities, means we can react quickly to customer requirements.

No impact on external appearanceRequires means of fixing to front of display
Not suitable for all display typesCan be used on any display type
Requires partial disassembling of displayNo disassembly or impact on warranty