Glass or polymer LED NVG filters

NVIS compatible to MIL-STD-3009, RTCA/DO-275

All NVIS colours

Tested and certified compliant

Materials from stock, fast turn round

Filters for LEDs generally have less work to do than filters for incandescent lamps as there is far less near infra-red output to deal with. Nonetheless, most LEDs do still need some sort of filtering to meet the strict requirements of MIL-STD-3009 and other NVG lighting standards.

Even pure green LEDs, which may be nominally NVG compatible, are rarely of the correct colour to meet cockpit indicator lighting chromaticity requirements and so filtering is still needed. In many cases it is preferable to start with a white LED source and filter for both colour correction and NVG compatibility.

Consolite maintains a large stock of filter types optimised for use with LEDs in applications such as cockpit indicators and switches in the full range of NVIS colours, Green A and B, Yellow, Red and White. Polymeric filter materials are stocked in sheet form in a range of thicknesses, ready to be cut to shape in-house rapidly in our laser facility.

Filter materials are available for requirements including:

  • Coloured filters for coloured LED sources including NVIS Green A, Green B, Yellow and Red.
  • Coloured filters for white LED sources, including NVIS Green A, Green B, Yellow, Red, White and Blue.
  • Filters for LED displays.

See our NVG Filter Selector for help with choosing the appropriate type, or contact us with your specific requirements.