Simple retrofit to fluorescent lamps

No modification to existing housings

NVG compatible IAW MIL-STD-3009/Def Stan 02-587 Pt.3

Green or white variants

T5, T8 or T12, all lengths

Filtered fluorescent lamps

A unique range of special filters for converting fluorescent tubes to NVG compatibility.

The filters are supplied in the form of a polymer tube that slides over the lamp, with end caps that retain the tube in place and seal against light leaks. In the great majority of cases no modification to the existing luminaire housing is needed.

The filtering renders the output fully NVG compatible in accordance with MIL-STD-3009, RTCA/DO-275 and Def Stan 02-587 Part 3.

These filters are used extensively on warship fluorescent lighting, both internal and external, around the world and are proven in long service.

Filters can be supplied for T5, T8 and T12 lamp sizes in various lengths.


CTL-060-xxx NVIS Green Fluorescent Lamp Filter Issue 3

CTL-203-xxx NVIS White Fluorescent Lamp Filter Issue 3