Advanced LED technology

Rugged and maintenance free

Dimmable/dual mode for dark adaptation

EMC compliant

Low signature

Flicker and hum free

Low power consumption

Emergency and hazardous area variants available

Consolite Technology has adapted the technology developed for its dual mode surface ship LED luminaires to design an advanced submarine lighting system.

There are many benefits in using LED technology to replace fluorescent lights in a submarine environment.

Fluorescent tubes provide poor quality light and require large heavy fittings. The need for frequent tube changes means that many spare tubes must be carried on a long mission, when weight and space are at a premium, and old tubes must be disposed of safely. The flicker and hum from fluorescent fittings can have a depressing effect on crew members.

Use of purpose designed LED luminaires can remove all these problems. Fittings are smaller and lighter, with lower power consumption, will last for years with minimal maintenance, and the quality of the light can be optimised for different situations. Inclusion of specific wavelengths in the light output can provide health benefits to submariners spending long periods in an enclosed environment.

Consolite general luminaires have dimmable and dual mode options. In particular they can be adjusted for dark adaptation using either red or low level warm white lighting. Use of diffusion ensures even distribution of light and minimises glare.

Luminaires are designed to be compliant with EMC requirements such as MIL-STD-461E, and fully meet magnetic and acoustic signature requirements.


Consolite LED Naval Lighting Products