Definitions of NVG lighting

NVG compatible

NVG friendly

NVG secure


Various categories of NVG lighting can be identified.

  • NVG compatible lighting is the type used in aircraft cockpits and is intended to have negligible impact on NVG performance. Most compatible lighting is effectively invisible to NVGs but visibly bright enough to be seen unaided by aircrew.
  • NVG friendly lighting is typically used for aircraft exterior lighting and certain warship lights. It is designed to be visible to NVG users at a certain distance, but not to have an adverse impact on NVG performance.
  • NVG secure lighting is designed to minimise the signature to other NVG users, and is typically used in military vehicles and hand held equipment.
  • Covert lighting is only visible through NVGs and invisible to the unaided viewer.

This document, Basics of NVG Lighting, provides a more detailed explanation of the technology behind NVG lighting and filtering.