Key factors in lighting upgrades




When upgrading lighting in a legacy cockpit to NVG compatibility there are a number of key factors to consider.

The lighting after modification must appear balanced. That means there should be no very bright or very dim areas of panel back lighting. Where flood lighting is used they should be positioned so there is no shadowing in critical areas, and in sufficient numbers that again there is good uniformity.

Where lighting is dimmable all elements should dim uniformly and down to an low enough level. This is a particular issue when LEDs are used to replace filament lamps as the dimming characteristics are totally different unless special steps are taken.

Colours should be uniform across instruments. This applies particularly to panel back lighting and flood lighting. Although this is usually just specified as NVS Green A, that can cover a wide range of shades from a bluish green through to a more pure green. Efforts should be made to minimise colour differences across the instrument panels.

Consolite has long experience of NVG cockpit lighting upgrade design, implementation and test and is very well equipped to handle all the above issues.