Dark room test facility with night vision goggles

Gen III aviator’s goggles

Gen II+ monocular

LUCIE driver’s night vision device

Testing with night vision goggles (NVGs) can be a powerful means of assessing the effectiveness of lighting upgrades, but must be treated with caution.

NVGs use an auto-gain mechanism, so simply looking at a modified light source to check for compatibility will not reveal anything useful as the goggles will automatically adjust to compensate for any excessive brightness.

Ideally the NVGs should be used to observe a suitable target beyond the light source, which is then switched on. That permits an assessment of any degradation in visibility due to the effect of the light on the NVGs.

Consolite has a set of Gen III aviators’ NVGs as well as a Gen II+/Gen III monocular and a LUCIE night vision device. These can be employed in the Consolite dark room facility, or in the dark external environment adjacent to the site, for assessment of NVG lighting effectiveness.

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