Fully equipped dark room test facility

Available to support customer testing and product development

Comprehensive range of test equipment

Calibrations traceable to national standards

Consolite has a very well equipped dark room facility used for development testing of its own products and equipment conversions, and also available to customers for testing of their equipment.

Our test equipment includes the following:

  • Bentham  spectroradiometer with DMc150FI double monochromator
  • Gooch & Housego OL770-NVS portable spectroradiometer
  • Ocean Optics USB200+ spectroradiometer
  • Gigahertx lux meter with illuminance and luminance detectors
  • Bentham IL_SUN lamp
  • Minolta CS-100A chromaticity meter
  • Gen III aviators’ NVGs and Gen II+ and III monocular NVD
  • Calibration standards for Bentham and Optronic Labs spectroradiometers
  • Radiant Zemax NFMS goniophotometer


Dark room test data sheet

Please contact us for further information.