NVG overlay filtering


Wide range of filter types available

Any type of display

Full MIL-STD-3009 and RTCA/DO-275 compliance

Adding an overlay filter to the front face of a display is the simplest and most common upgrade route for NVG modification.

It can be used on any type of display, and need not require any invasive modification to the display.

Possible routes to affixing the display are use of a separate bezel to mount the filter, use of Velcro or similar where the filter needs to be easily removable, or use of an adhesive backing to the filter, particularly suited to touch screen displays.

We stock a wide range of filter materials for all types of display, including full colour LCDs using either LED or CCFL backlighting, monochrome LED displays, vacuum fluorescent displays, OLED displays, legacy CRTs, and hand-held devices such as iPads, smart phones and other tablets.

We have polymeric filter materials with anti-reflection coatings or a textured anti-glare coating, and can accommodate display sizes up to 21 inches. Larger LCD displays may be possible as “specials”, although we would recommend internal filtering to keep filter costs down if possible.

In other cases we may recommend glass filter materials, especially where high performance AR coatings or conductive ITO coatings are required.

Following the upgrade if required we can test in our dark room facility to certify compliance with MIL-STD-3009/RTCA/DO-275 or other relevant standards.