We are sometimes asked – what does Consolite actually DO?

The short answer is anything related to NVG lighting.

The longer answer is any and all of the following:

  • We design and manufacture our own range of NVG compatible, NVG friendly and covert filters.
  • We maintain stocks from other filter material manufacturers, ready to be cut to your requirement.
  • That means we can provide filters for virtually any requirement, usually on short lead times and very cost effectively.
  • We supply ready-filtered LEDs and lamps, guaranteeing NVG compatibility when used in your instruments.
  • We work with instrument, panel and display manufacturers to help integrate NVG filters into your designs.
  • We help you modify your in-service instruments to NVG compatibility.
  • We use our in-house prototyping facility (machining, 3-D printing, laser cutting etc) to rapidly produce trial kit ready for you to work with.
  • We test all our filters and filter assemblies in our in-house dark room facility (calibrations traceable to national standards) for compliance with relevant specifications.
  • We test luminaires on our in-house goniophotometer to generate photometric data.
  • We offer our dark room test service to our customers so you can have your own assemblies checked for compliance.
  •  We conduct aircraft cockpit surveys to assess and report on upgrade requirements.
  • We provide complete conversion kits for aircraft cockpits.
  • We assist you or local qualified system integrators to install cockpit upgrade kits.
  • We test complete cockpit upgrades in accordance with relevant standards.
  • We recommend aircraft external lighting equipment to convert to NVG friendly and/or covert capability.
  • We provide a “build to print” service for your assemblies, handling your complete procurement, assembly and test activities.
  • We modify warship lighting equipment in accordance with relevant standards.
  • We conduct surveys of in-service vessels to assess and report on upgrade requirements and options.
  • We work directly with navies and naval dockyards world-wide to conduct upgrades on warships.
  • We work with shipbuilders to provide equipment on new build warships.
  • We work with warship lighting suppliers to provide filters to convert lights to NVG compatibility.
  • We model complete warship lighting installations to optimise luminaire arrangements in any compartment.
  • We test warship lighting equipment to assess suitability.
  • We design and manufacture our own range of dual mode LED naval lighting luminaires.
  • We design and manufacture a range of specialist compatible lights such as for aircraft tow tractors and other vehicles.
  • We design and manufacture specialised lighting systems such as for military night training facilities.
  • We provide consultancy to our customers to help you interpret specifications and standards and understand the requirements of NVG lighting.
  • We act as consultants to military organisations around the world to help define requirements and write standards.
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